Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tracking Eggs! FREE Printable

I've been quiet on the ol blog for a little bit.  I've been busy sewing and keeping up with the kids.  But I can't wait to share my sewing project!  It's ADORABLE!  And a birthday pressie for Lil Bit.  Can't believe she is nearly THREE!  :(

In the meantime, the ladies (aka my chickens) have picked up on their egg laying.  FINALLY.  It's been pretty pathetic to get one or two eggs a week.  Then February came along and BAM!  Roughly two eggs a day.  So that's better.  Spring can't come quick enough and I'll be getting at least 4 a day!!  Hurry up Spring!!

I'm always curious how many eggs we get a month and I want to be able to see at the end of the year, what we provided ourselves with!  I made myself a chart of sorts.  I just keep it on the computer and it adds it all up for me.  (Thanks Hubs!) But if you like it and want to use it for your eggs, have at it!

Grab yours here.

I plan on making one shortly for our gardening things too.  What was planted and when and how much yield it produced.  

Looking forward to weather in the 60's this weekend!

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