Monday, February 17, 2014

Meal Plan Printable

One of the things I like the least that I have to do weekly is meal planning.  It takes me FOREVER.  

As part of being more organized this year, I decided I would make a weekly menu and make it cute!  That will make meal planning more fun, right? 

It helps me to have specific types of meals to plan for each day.   I also put a spot for breakfast and lunch because I base my grocery list off of the menu.  

Mine looks like this:

Mondays are crockpot meals.  (This is one of my busiest days so the crockpot makes it so I don't have to think about dinner prep!)  
Tuesdays are Soup/BBQ.  (Soup if it's cold-BBQ for warm days)
Wednesdays are brinner.  (Breakfast for dinner)
Thursday is Pinterest recipes (new or favorites-I usually try to pick a new one)
Friday is vegetarian meal. (makes the weekly grocery bill a little less expensive)
Saturdays are Pizza. (Usually homemade but not always)
Sunday we like to have a large super yummy dinner.  Almost holiday style, but not quite.  Just a time to gather around a super delicious meal and enjoy one another.

I have an extra box for extra things to make throughout the week.  Bread and chicken stock are typically here.  As well as special treats like cookies and what not.  :)

Here are some plain printables in lots of colors if you want them!  They don't have categories or anything so you can fill it out to your needs.  Enjoy!

Gray: Print it here.

Mint: Print it here.

Yellow: Print it here.

Do you have great meal planning tips??  Please share them with me!

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