Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Addy's Doll

So, I'm pretty low on the list for people that are good with giving presents on time!  

Exhibit A:  My niece's doll for her first birthday......
back in oh, JULY.  I KNOW!  LOSER! 
 But at least it's finished now and it's so precious.  I love how it came out. And it was made with lots of love.  

Aunt Shannon may not give it to you on time, but she sure does love you baby girl!

She's an 18" doll.  Dress patterned by myself.  She's a red head to match my niece's sweet red head.  :)  Eyes are green though, which don't match Addy, but are so pretty!  I love how they turned out.  My girls, and the two girls that I watch during the week, ADORE her!  So it will be fun to make those girls a doll too.  Hopefully in time for Christmas.  Which, if I stick to my plan, should be done by December 1st!!  Plenty of time before Christmas.   :)