Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oil Washing (with Essential Oil)

I know we are quickly already into February.  I had one last use for lemon that I wanted to share before we moved on to a new oil.  :)

I have been washing my face using coconut oil for a month now.  I liked it alright.  It cleaned it well but I could never quite get rid of the loose dry skin that Colorado leaves you with in winter.  NO fun!

So looking up different natural ways to wash my face I came upon using lemon!  It was stated that lemon was really good at getting rid of those flakeys!  Well sign me up!  It's also really beneficial in other ways too.

I was hooked the first time I tried it.  SO refreshing and it really did take off the grossness. As I continued to look into this, I asked my friend who has an unbelievable amount of knowledge of essential oils, WHY is lemon so good for your skin?

Lemon Oil can:
open clogged pores (yep-totally does)

aids in cellular oxygenation and detoxification, therefore rejuvenation.  It does this both internally and externally.  

It aids in cellular regrowth. 

Topically, it breaks down oils and improves micro-circulation, thus enhancing healing and has a major constituent of limonene, "extensively studied in over 50 clinical studies for its ability to combat tumor growth" -Essential Oils Desk Reference book.

Basically, it is making your skin glow and super healthy!  Gotta love that!

Coconut oil happens to be a fantastic carrier oil for essential oils. Curious to know why?  I was too.  :)

It easily penetrates or absorbs into the skin, allowing the oils to seep in and be absorbed.  
It doesn't go rancid or let oils spoil because of its own properties. 
It does not alter the properties of essential oils.

And it's super healthy for you to begin with.  You can find SO MUCH health info on coconut oil, so I won't go way into it.

I was excited to put the lemon in my coconut oil to wash my face!

Let's do this!

Coconut Oil (we use this, but get it from Costco because it's a great deal there!)
Lemon Essential Oil (therapeutic grade)

That's all-I can read and KNOW what every ingredient is that I am putting on my face.

Put a good amount of coconut oil in a jar.  I probably put in about 3 or 4 tablespoons.  Cover jar and heat up in warm water so it melts. Coconut oil starts to liquify at about 75 degrees, so it doesn't take long to do this.  Add in your lemon oil.  I did about 8 drops.  Nothing super mathematical about it.  You don't need it super strong but enough to do its job.

*that white blob is just unmelted coconut oil*

Give it a good shake and it's all set.

To use it, I again, warm up the mixture so it's more liquid like.  Dip my fingers in and then just rub it on my face. Get a washcloth wet with nice and warm water and apply it your face.  I like to do it like a semi spa treatment and let it sit on my face for a minute or two.  Then gently rub so your face feels moisturized instead of oily.  If you're wearing make up, it should come off onto your washcloth.  It even takes off water proof mascara!  

I tell ya, my face has never felt so refreshed and clean!  I love it!  And I really like that I don't need a moisturizer after washing.  Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer!  

And that wraps up our month of Lemon Essential Oil!  

Here are 40 MORE uses for lemon oil:
  1. Acidosis
  2. Acne
  3. Alkalosis
  4. Anemia
  5. Aneursm
  6. Angina
  7. Anorexia
  8. Antibiotic reactions
  9. Bladder infection
  10. Blood clots
  11. Blood platelets (low)
  12. Confusion
  13. Cushings disease (adrenal gland imbalance)
  14. Depression
  15. Diarrhea
  16. Dysentery
  17. Age related macular degeneration
  18. Fatigue
  19. Gallbladder infection
  20. Gastritis
  21. Gout
  22. Hair and scalp problems
  23. Dandruff
  24. Halitosis ( bad breath)
  25. Heartburn
  26. Hematoma
  27. Kidney disorders
  28. Kidney stones
  29. Liver disorders
  30. Malaria
  31. Mucus (excess)
  32. Nails, finger/toe (brittle or weak)
  33. Narcolepsy
  34. Morning sickness
  35. Dry nose
  36. Postpartum depression
  37. Poison oak and poison ivy
  38. Snake bites
  39. Throat infections (cough)(dry cough)(laryngitis)(sore throat)
  40. Toxemia

Have you gotten your Lemon Oil yet? 

*You can order your therapeutic grade lemon oil from Young Living directly, or email me and I can get some shipped to you! (*

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