Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Party Season

It's that time of year!  Birthday parties like crazy with a few other things thrown in.

Nathan's party is first and coming up this weekend!  February is Allie's birthday.  Usually we throw a Superbowl party as well but not this year. A baby shower for a dear friend instead is WAY more fun!!  March is St Patrick's Day (which we have lots of fun celebrating-more on that in March) and Kelsey's birthday!

First things first - Nathan's party!

Last year was a really fun Super Mario Brothers theme.  It was REALLY fun planning the games and decorations for this one.   So here are some quick photos in case you know someone who needs ideas!

The cake - AKA the main event:

This is an OLD Wilton cake pan I found on Ebay.  I was so excited to find it and loved decorating it.  (Horrible lighting and an Instagram picture was all I got of it.)

My favorite decoration:

White balloons and the hubs drew the ghost faces for me.  They are taped to the ceiling with fishing line so they really looked like they were floating.  

Again with the not so great photo, and after everyone left.  But this was the favor table.  The Game Over sign also says "Thanks for playing!"  And I made the yellow question mark blocks and filled them with chocolate gold coins.  

Some games we played were:
Yoshi's Egg Smash!

I blew out the eggs and let them dry out.  Next they were colored and filled with confetti.  To close the confetti in, I glued a white paper circle over the hole.  

Then the kids smashed them. Throwing them at a target on the garage door.  It was SO FUN!

We also did a Goomba Stomp: Balloons made to look like Goombas and each they had to stomp on them!

Treats and fun were had by all. 

*chocolate Mario Mustache*

This year, Nathan wanted an AIRPLANE themed party.  It was a little more difficult for me so we'll see how it all pulls together!  But really, the most important part is that he enjoys his special day and feels celebrated.  I know he doesn't care so much about all the little details.  They're just fun for me!  :)

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