Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crayon Remover!! - Lemon Oil

Our featured oil this month is LEMON!  If you missed the first feature of lemon and the best all purpose cleaner around, you can read it here.

A real EVERY day use I have found is to use it as a hand sanitizer.  Let me tell you!  With all the diapers I change and chickens and a puppy running around.  I use it EVERY day.  Lemon is a natural antibacterial.  I just put a drop on my hands, and the kids' hands, and rub em together.  It's good to keep a bottle in my purse for on the go situations.  :)  

Another "everyday" use for lemon oil is removing crayon from furniture! 

And it's, of course, so easy to do.  Drop one to two drops of lemon onto your rag, and rub onto the crayon mark.  It disappears!  Like magic!

Now you see it……

Now you don't…..

Since it was a little dirty anyway, I gave the whole thing a wipe down with my lemon all purpose cleaner and it was good to go!

I might just go room to room wiping off any spots on see on the walls.  :)  Great little "magic eraser" without all the gross chemicals!

As well as drinking it a glass of water a day, we are all lemony fresh!  

*You can order your therapeutic grade lemon oil from Young Living directly, or email me and I can get some shipped to you! (*

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