Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kids Clothes Week!

*image from kidsclothesweek.com*

I was hoping and wishing that I would have time to participate in Kids Clothes Week this year.  I usually sit back and watch all the beautiful things everyone is posting.  This year, I decided, I'm all in!  And I am so pleased that I have been squeezing it into our fairly busy schedule.  It just happens to be the week that we have  no parties or anything!  :) SCORE!

Really, the goal is to sew for kids (yours or someone else's) for an hour each day this week.  Whether that means you only get something cut out and started or you finish multiple items. 

So my day one project actually got completed ALMOST in day one.  I really wanted to take my time and not rush through it to see how much I could accomplish this week.  I want the things I am making to be special and really show time and effort.  Because that's what makes sewing worth it, I think. 

I chose to make The Sweetheart Dress from Very Shannon.  I have had this in my "want to sew" pile for quite some time now.  Then, the perfect situation arose.  Not only is it Kids Clothes Week, but we are celebrating Allie's birthday on February 15th.  Her party will be Valentine theme.  Ummm, couldn't get better.  So I went to JoAnn's and found fabric to go along.  I love it.  Red and grey but not hearts or too Valentine like.

It is similar to the Geranium dress except this has a fun surprise on the back.

A heart cut out!  How cute is that??  And perfect for a Valentine's party!  

I mean seriously!  So cute!!  I just need to put the button on it where that needle is.  I am going to attempt a fabric covered button in the grey lining fabric.  I will also add a flower embellishment on the front waist as well.  But I'm saving those little details for the weekend.  

The skirt is enclosed in the lining so there are no itchy seams, one of my favorite features.  If a pattern has this feature I am almost certain to buy it!  

I am so excited to take her 3 year old pictures in it!  

Day Two for Kids Clothes Week was also successful!  I'll post about that tomorrow!  :)  

Are you joining in the sewing festivities?  What are you making?

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  1. This is seriously SO sweet!!! I'm so impressed with your sewing projects!! Sounds like such a fun week. :D Can't wait to see Al-bug in it...