Monday, May 20, 2013

Updated Dresser

I've been thinking and thinking and thinking how to set up the furniture in our home since we moved in.  I have moved it around so many times!  I have finally found a set up that I LOVE.  Our living room is a really big area and I couldn't figure out how to have the furniture set so that it didn't seem WAY big.  I am so happy that it feels cozy and not just random.  During this process I redid a dresser from our bedroom for extra storage in the living room.  Most of our things are black. (I have NO clue why I chose black when we first got married because I LOVE white furniture!)  So the black HAD to go!  

Here it is before:

Black and blah.  :/


Next step was taking out the drawers and removing the pulls. Super fast, just used a screwdriver. I really didn't want to worry about sanding it. I was just wanting a quick DIY project with a big impact.  So I just used primer spray paint right over the black.


It was really nice out so the primer dried really quick!  Next step was spray painting the color I wanted. I chose Heirloom White and just LOVE it.  It's like a creamy ivory. Beautiful!  

I let the whole thing dry over night in the garage and then we moved it in.

It still needs it's new drawer pulls but I finally found some that I love!  So when I get those on, I'll post an updated picture.  I love having it behind the couch.  It separates the tv area from our craft area. (BIG living room to fill) and it will provide great storage for our craft supplies!  One can never have too much storage!

Oh happy day!!  I love how it turned out! :)

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