Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Sewing Part 1

I'm working on adding to the kids summer wardrobe with some handmade things.  So far I've made a pair of shorts for each of the girls. 

For Doodle's shorts I used Oliver and S Puppet Show Shorts pattern.  They sewed up really quick and I love how the have a vintage feel to them.  She's pretty skinny but I sewed up the size 5.  They might be a little big, but that just means she can wear them a little longer.  :)

I used a pink and white seersucker fabric from JoAnns.  Nice and light for warm summer days.

For Little Bit, I made a pattern for some simple knit shorts.  Like seriously, SIMPLE.  It took longer to cut the fabric than it did to sew it.  :)  

The hem of the shorts came out a little wonky because the knit was SO stretchy.  But that's ok!  She won't care, at this age anyway. ;)  
There are TONS of tutorials out there for how to draft your own patterns.  Basically, if you're making shorts, you grab a pair that fits, turn it inside out and trace around it.  Making sure to add a seam allowance.

I'm not a GREAT outliner so to make sure my seam allowance was going to be even all the way around, I attached a pen to my pencil with a rubber band and went around my pattern again.  Instant seam allowance.  :)

I'm hoping to find a simple shorts pattern for boys so I can sew some up for Roo too.  It's easy to find some summer patterns for girls, not so easy for boys.  But I'm not THAT confident in my sewing skills to draft patterns for my boy.  Maybe I'll stretch myself and try.  Why not, right?

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  1. LOVE the shorts for Kels! Super cute fabric and pockets. :D And you're genius with the rubberband pen trick... Loving your blog Jiibers!