Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow

With the nicer weather finally rolling in, we've been working the garden!  I'd like for the whole area next to the chickens to be a little cottage garden full of beautiful flowers.  But for now, half of it is flowers and the other half is a small vegetable garden.  The rest of our vegetables are started and ready to be transferred to their pots on the deck.  

It was raining ALL day, (which is great!  Glad it's no longer snow and still moisture!)  so my pictures aren't great but you can get the general idea.

The chicken coop and their closed in area.  We let them roam the yard too, which is why, for now, where I just planted is blocked off with chicken wire.  They would go crazy in there!  They already give me the stink eye for not letting them in.  But up against the side of the deck we have two Delphiniums.  A white one and a blue one.  Although the blue was already a victim to the chickens.  :(  But it's growing back already so I'm glad I didn't waste money on it!  We will put two more Delphiniums along that side as well so they go the length of the deck.  I'm hoping to get a purple and pink one.  In the back, under the window is a purple Lilac.  Which can get huge!  Pretty excited for that.  In front of the window is yellow Sweet broom, which I'm pretty sure died the day after we got it.  :(  So I need to go get a new one.  It smells so good!  (At least it did before it died) That one will be great to have right outside the window.  It gets really big too.  In front of the Sweet Broom is our little vegetable garden.  In it is spinach, kale and marigolds in between.  The spinach I started myself (direct sow) and they are just starting to sprout out of the mulch.  The kale I bought at the nursery so they are started well.  Which is what the chickens give me the stink eye about.  Their run area goes under the window, but has chicken wire so they can't get in that area.  But oh! how they stretch their necks trying to reach that kale.  There's also lavender that I started from seed, so they are ITTY BITTY and hard to see unless you are like a foot away.  In the front along the border I planted lemon balm (good mosquito repeller) and catnip.  Can't leave Waylon out of the mix.  :) 

Against the chicken fence is a Salvia and I got this rose bush to plant next to the Salvia.   Rose petals are good for chickens so I will only block this one off until it's big enough to survive chicken torture.  Really, just so it's tall enough that they can't really reach the blooms and have to wait for them to fall.  So far, I love how it's coming together and can't wait to get the rest of our veggies and fruits into containers!  

Spring has FINALLY arrived!

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