Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New and Improved Chicken Coop

Back in March, our local feed shop got in LOTS of baby chicks!  And I HAD to have em!  So cute and fluffy and screaming that it's Spring.  So we took home five.  Two Buff Orpingtons, two Production Reds, and one Easter Egger*.  Adding these to our existing flock meant it was time for a bigger coop.  Our old one was great.  Suited the others just fine, but a little tight with just the four of them (now three)  So we needed a coop to accommodate our flock of eight!  :)  We looked at just adding on to our existing coop but that would cost just as much as building a new one.  So hubby worked on drafting up new building plans to just make a new one.  Then, I found one online that would work out just great for us!

We were able to complete this coop just under budget.  Which is always a bonus and made a few modifications from the original plan.  I love it!  And with the storm coming tonight, it will be great for the big ladies and the little girls are moving from their brood box in the kitchen to the small coop in the garage!  Win win for all!


It has PLENTY of ventilation which can be open or shut as needed.  As well as the roof on a hinge for easy cleaning.  And the fact that it's red just makes my heart super happy.  It will be so cute next to our flower garden.  Currently a work in progress but it will get there!  :)  The decoy eggs worked like a charm!  Daisy (one of our Wyandottes, went in to check it all out and layed an egg right away on top of those)  

It's been quite the project but great!  We love how it turned out.  Now if only I was strong enough to help hubby move it into the chicken area.......

*What's the difference between Ameraucana, Araucana and Easter Egger?  Read about it here.

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