Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marie Mae

I purchased the cutest book MONTHS ago. It's called Storybook Toys and you can find it here.  I have been dying to make a doll out of this book and finally got the chance. My best friend's daughter is turning two, so I made her a dolly. :) I have never made any kind of toy before so this was very fun! Here she is all finished.

The pattern was really easy to follow and the directions were great. The author of the book has a blog that I follow. So for a little extra help with the hair, I used her tutorial. It has more pictures than the book and a little more detail so it was very helpful. I drafted the pattern for the dress myself. The button holes are always tricky for me, especially on tiny clothes but they came out alright. (Just don't look too closely at them B. ;))

Her name is Marie Mae, she decided. I hope she gets loved on for years to come. In the meantime, my oldest daughter has requested TWO and my sister in law requested one for my nieces birthday. I better get on it!

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