Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby, it's COLD outside!

Last week was FREEZING.  

Nope, I take that back.  It was BELOW freezing.  

It was darn cold!!  

I think our warmest day was about 10 degrees.  Yes, you read that right, TEN.  BRRR!  

So of course, the chickens weren't laying eggs.  Can't say I blame them.  They were just trying to keep warm. Technically, I think we got three. All week.  But one was broken from freezing.  So two.  It was a sad, sad week for eggs, because of course, when you don't have them, all you want to do is bake and make scrambled eggs and do all the things that require more than two eggs.  *sigh* It was a loooooong week.  

Add to that, three to five kids running around the house, going a little stir crazy.  Phew, this mama is TIRED.  

This week it got into the 50's!  WHAT?!  It was like the harshest winter and then a week of Spring!  So naturally, in Colorado, when it's above 40, you let your kids run around in t shirts with snow on the ground because the sun warms you up and the kids get their crazies out!

The pups got her crazies out too.  Man, she was so excited the kids were allowed to play outside.  She was running circles a million miles an hour around the yard.  Hysterical!!

Since it was so cold last week, I didn't have Little Bit help me with the chicken chores.  She LOVES it and it's so fun watching her take care of the chickens and hear her imitate the sounds I make at them.  :) So this morning it was back to work for her!

And of course, the ladies had a warm little egg waiting for her.  I adore her little bibs!  They are super cozy warm because they are lined on the inside.  And we can't live without BOGS boots.  All our kids love them.  Cozy and toasty!  I need to get myself a pair because my cozy toasty boots are lace up and that does not work for this night owl super early in the morning……

Since the ladies are not laying as often, (winter = less daylight + cold = rest time for chicken bodies) I decided to make an "Egg Production Record"  to keep track of how many eggs we get a month.  I really love it!  It has a spot for how many chickens we have, how many good eggs we get, how many broken, and totals.  The hubs helped me make it REAL fancy by having it total all of it at the very bottom.  :) He's so helpful.  I'm working on one for the vegetable garden too.  It will have a place to enter in what was planted and when.  How many seeds were planted.  Were they started indoors or outdoors, etc.  And probably one for when I harvest too.  

Man, winter sure is busy for being the "off season".  :)  

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