Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year With New Goals

I'm not really one to make any sort of New Year's Resolutions.  But for some reason as this year ends, I felt like a needed to make a list of things I would like to get accomplished in the coming year.  More as a way of us reaching our goal of owning land and animals, and a BIG garden, and lots of trees, and no street noise.  *sigh* We will get there one day.  I just know it.

To make the goals for this year more concrete and therefore more likely to happen, I wrote them all down and organized them nice and pretty.  Perfect to be printed and then I can cross them off as we complete them. 

There are lots more I could add to this, but slow and steady are good and this list was getting pretty long.  All of this will be great to get accomplished in a year.  And if not, no biggie.

I put them in their own categories as well.  I'm pretty excited that the homesteading list is so long!  Lots of fun and learning come Spring and Summer!

Do you make resolutions or goals for the New Year?  

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