Monday, August 5, 2013

Still Here!

It has been a busy summer!  

All most all of the baby chickens have started laying!  Just waited for the last two and we will be in full swing.  

Things are coming along in the gardens.  That has been quite the learning experience.  Where I thought would be the perfect spot for a vegetable garden has turned out to be very hot.  Too hot, even for those sun loving, heat loving, drought resistant plants.  So we have made some improvements to the soil and that has seemed to helped some.  We will make even more next spring and summer.  Meanwhile, I've planted some things for a fall harvest against the back fence and in containers on the deck.  Next spring, I want to have raised beds along the fence lines.  However, our yard is lined with lots and lots and LOTS of rocks.  So I started moving those.  Oy!  It takes a LOT of work!  But I'm happy with how everything is coming along.

We decided to homeschool our kids this upcoming school year.  EEK!  Very excited and very nervous.  I know its the right choice for us though.  Roo will be starting 1st grade, Doodle will start Kindergarten! Little Bit is happy as long as she's doing whatever Mommy is.  :) And since she's two, she has PLENTY of time to just be my little shadow.   Where has the time gone!  I just don't know.  

In other VERY exciting news, we are adding a new member to our clan!  And she is just the cutest darn'd thing I have ever seen!!

Here is our sweet Rose.  One week old. OH!  The cuteness!  I can't handle it.

Here she is this past Sunday.  Three weeks old.  Eyes open and ready to take it all in.
My sweet puppy.  I can not wait for September to be here, it can not come fast enough!

I am making a doll for my littlest niece, who just turned one!  It's nearly finished, so that will be up soon!

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