Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weeds for Chickens

We've been outside A LOT recently.  Just playing, gardening, hanging out with the chickens.  :)  As I've been working on our garden, I've been thinking of ideas for the side yard that is currently dirt, rocks, and a wood scrap pile.  So I walked over there to find HUGE weeds.  Seriously, it was like a forest back there!  So I started pulling them while Roo and Doodle caught all the rollie pullie bugs.  :)  They made homes for them and put grass in.  Doodle decided her bugs wanted a river to swim in.  Yeah, those ones well!  

When I finished pulling the weeds, I tossed them into the coop for the chickens.  They were SO excited since they aren't allowed out in the garden anymore.  Sorry ladies, you eat my plants and you can't come out. 

I told you it was a lot of weeds!  :)  They had fun picking through them and getting little bugs first, then they ate all the greens.

If you are wanting a good idea of what weeds are good for chickens, here is a great post!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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